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MAXIMA FREIGHT provides total logistics solution to customer and provide all the services of Sea, Air, Rail & Land Transport.We Serve for all Export and Import Cargo by Sea & Air.

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With the help of Pallet we can easily Stack, store and Transport the goods from one location to other. There are six Standard size of Pallets are available as per ISO.
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  1. 1219mm × 1016mm in North America,
  2. 1000mm × 1200mm in Europe and Asia,
  3. 1165mm × 1165mm in Australia,
  4. 1067mm × 1067mm in North America, Europe, and Asia,
  5. 1100mm × 1100mm in Asia only
  6. 800mm × 1200mm in Europe.
Besides these sizes, there are also other sizes that are often used in the industry. We provide WOODEN PALLET, PLYWOOD PALLET, PLASTIC PALLET, BLOCK /DECK BOARD PALLETS as per customers requirement.


We provide Fumigation service for wooden packages, Corrugated boxes, Wooden Pallet, full containers etc.
Heat Treatment (HT)
Fumigation with Methyl bromide (MB)
Wrapping, Strapping

Wrapping, Strapping

We provide value added services like Wrapping & Strapping which helps to take care of cargo, proper wrapping and strapping will safeguard cargo for the long transportation and movement.
Lashing & Choking

Lashing & Choking

Lashing and Choking help to reduce the risk of damage to the goods in the container while transporting from one point to another. We used ISO certified belt and material for Lashing and Choking, for any Open Top Container, Odd Dimension Cargo lashing and choking is crucially important step before any transportation is performed as any shortcoming or mistakes without lashing and choking could result in damage cargoes and container and also delay of shipment.
Survey Reports

Survey Reports

Survey report ensure the sea worthiness of the container if done prior to shipment. We recommend to do survey report of cargo and container which help client to prevent any unnecessary charges occurred after damage of container and cargo. We provide survey report of reputed and registered agency with pictures and measurement of the cargo and container.


This is allied and extra service we provide to the customer based on their specific requirement. Maxima Freight provide labelling services as per customer's products for exports only.

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